We are dedicated to dealing with and resolving (complex) corporate disputes and high stakes disputes in commercial relationships.

The key areas in which we are active inter alia comprise dispute resolution in respect of:

  • disrupted relationships within or between the bodies of a company
  • deadlocks in the decision-making process
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • financing the company
  • mismanagement
  • directors and officers liability
  • corporate governance
  • hostile takeovers and anti-takeover protection
  • squeeze-out of minority shareholders
  • withdrawal and expulsion of shareholders
  • restructuring and insolvency
  • fraud and internal investigations
  • financial reporting
  • valuation issues
  • joint venture relationships and other commercial collaborations
  • class actions, including regarding securities or cartel fraud
  • professional liability of commercial service providers (including accountants and civil law notaries)
  • general contract law and property law issues.

This experience is used both in preventing proceedings (including via commercial mediation) and in litigation before the Dutch courts, including the Enterprise Chamber, as well as in national and international arbitration.

We have a trusted (international) network, also comprising financial experts and communication advisers.